You Must Build A Boat – Android Review


What is You Must Build A Boat? YMBAB is a highly realistic boat building simulation that captures the harsh realities of seafaring, captaining, and BUILDING. A. BOAT. Okay, it’s not actually a simulation. Nor is it highly realistic. It is really fun, though, and it is well worth the asking price.

YMBAB is a match 3 game combined at high velocity with an RPG, spiced up with some aspects of an endless runner. In YMBAB, each block has it’s own trait or power. Matching three or more swords or staves will attack an enemy, while matching crates, strength, or thought may give you special items or spells.



These items and spells can then be used to help your hero defeat the enemy creatures he encounters on his run through towers, sewers, and many other levels. A masterfully crafted skill tree and a fast paced, rewarding progression path really make this game a pleasure to play. Furthermore, the humor and style are super charming. The music is fantastic as are the stylistic graphics which really tie the theme together. Deceiving simplicity, great gameplay, and fully realized graphics and style make this game a must play. Remember, YOU. MUST. BUILD. A. BOAT.

YMBAB is available on Android, iOS, and PC.



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