Review: Lifeline (Android/iOS)

Lifeline may have a very simple premise but its expert use of story will keep you engaged throughout.

Lifeline plays like a choose your own adventure but in real time. You, as the sole contact for a stranded space traveler named Taylor, must help guide our hero through the treacherous landscape of an alien planet. Gameplay involves advising our lost friend by responding to sporadic phone notifications. Minutes and sometimes hours separate the gameplay notifications into digestible chunks that leave the player aching for the next bit of story. Players are tasked with helping make simple decisions like where to sleep and when to stop and eat. These choices are contrasted by very difficult, uncertain decisions that may risk our hero’s life and jeopardize their ability to escape the planet unharmed.

You’ll spend a lot of time on this screen helping decide the fate of the main character Taylor.

I highly recommend this game. It’s neither graphically stunning nor particularly difficult but I had an incredible time helping (or failing to) rescue this lost survivor. For the 3-4 days it takes for this story to unfold Taylor was real and his/her struggle was on my mind constantly. I can’t say much more without jeopardizing the surprising story of Lifeline, but please play this game.

Lifeline is available for $.99 on both Android and iOS.



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