Fallout 4 Unboxing: Poor-Boy Edition

Editor’s Note: Head over to Fallout 4 Unboxing: Pip-Boy Edition if you want to read something of actual value. 

So the Fallout 4: Poor-Boy Edition arrived at my house today via email from the internet! I am excited to play this game, even if I couldn’t afford the fancy pants Pip-Boy Edition. Anyway, you didn’t come here for me to talk about stuff and things, you came here to view me unboxing the Fallout 4: Poor-Boy Edition through your eye spheres.

Here is the (in)box!


Look at it in all of it’s glory:


Side View:


Getting pumped!


Comes with a fully functioning replica of a replica “Next>” button.


Ooh, collector’s edition subscriber agreements!


This was a tricky part, had to hand type a serial key into a box. Really wish they had detailed that on the Fallout 4: Poor Boy Edition store page.


Activation successful! Bye family and friends!


Wow, they’ve really enhanced the police baton graphics in this one. No wonder it took 7 years!


It even came with it’s own budget pip boy!


Anyway, I give the Fallout 4: Poor-Boy Edition Collector’s Edition Fun Time Happy Hour Edition 45 stars.



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