Fallout 4 Unboxing: Pip-Boy Edition

So the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition arrived at my house today!  I am so pumped to play this game.  It’s installing as I type this. It could not have come at a better time.  School is slowing down, with Thanksgiving Break on the way, then final exams and Christmas Break.  I will have so much Fallout 4 time, I can hardly wait.  But, you’re here for the unboxing, so lets do it! This is my first unboxing, so bear with me and feel free to give any advice or criticism so I can do a better one next time!

Here is the box!

Fallout 4Fallout 4

Getting Pumped!

Fallout 4Fallout 4

Top and Left Side View:

Fallout 4Fallout 4

Center and Back View:

Fallout 4Fallout 4

Right Side and Top with Sleeve Removed:

Fallout 4Fallout 4

Aaaand It’s Open:

Fallout 4Fallout 4

Steelbook Open and Pip-Boy Manual:

Fallout 4Fallout 4


Fallout 4Fallout 4

Different Foam Sleeves for Different Phone Models and PipBoy:

Fallout 4Fallout 4

Closer View of Side Buttons:

Fallout 4

I am so ready to play this thing.  If I can capture decent video, I will record me actually using the pipboy with my phone in it!  Anyways, That’s the Fallout 4 PipBoy Edition!  Hope you guys enjoyed that.


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