The Introductory Post…After Several Posts.

Baller Time

Welcome to Ballertime.  Your one-stop spot for all things both Baller and Timey.  Why the name Ballertime?  What does it mean? Maybe it’s a declaration my friend and I share, a battle-cry of sorts that we exclaim before a trip, concert, or hangout.  Maybe it is another dimension, where everyone is a baller… a shot caller.  Maybe it’s just two words we smashed together and then got stuck in our heads.  I like to believe it’s at least two of those three scenarios.  Whatever you choose to believe, let me tell you more about what Ballertime is in this universe.

Ballertime is a blog.  You probably know that already, but it needed to be said for those that did not know.  This blog exists mostly to give us a creative outlet to hone our writing craft and expel creative energy.  More than likely it will range in topics, but for the most part it will cover various forms of entertainment and our thoughts or experiences with the mediums involved.  Given our exchanges thus far on simply trying to name the blog, it will probably follow some rabbit trails into silly territory, like Tom Hanks fan-fiction or disturbing takes on kids songs/nursery rhymes as well.  But who are we?  That’s a good question.

My name is David.  I fancy myself a decent writer, though that’s probably not fair since anyone who calls themselves a writer actually writes more than a few times every couple of months.  I’m a normal, red-blooded nerd that is fascinated with all things comics, movies, TV shows, books, and video games related.  Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition has arrived at my house (un-boxing to follow), and I plan on writing about that game as I play.  Possibly in narrative form, recapping my adventures for you, the readers.  I promise to do my best to make each post as interesting or boring as possible, depending on what the crowd wants.  but now I’ll turn it over to my buddy Tim, who will be contributing to this blog as well.  It was honestly his idea.  He text me and wanted to know if I’d be interested in starting a flaming-pile-of-hot-garbage of a blog, and I said of course!  I’m excited about this thing and even if nobody reads it, it should be a fun time. – David

Ditto. – Tim


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