Why I Liked The Season 5 Finale of The Walking Dead

“Rick… Do it.”

I think that line of dialogue replaces my previous favorite line from this iconic scene in season… was that from the first half of this season, or from season four?  I don’t remember but it was a great moment.

Rick is the man!

I know there are mixed opinions concerning this most recent season finale, with some people liking it and some hating it. Like all things, that is to be expected.  I do feel that there seems to be a bigger consensus of hate than appreciation, but I find myself disagreeing with the haters.

I actually really liked the season finale.

I did not happen to catch the Talking Dead episode afterwards, but someone told me that Sir Hardwick said something to the effect of “that was the best season finale yet” or something like that. I sorta agree with him.  Now before you get up in arms, let me explain.  It is the “best” season finale so far, if you use the word best to describe the state of things. Let us consider previous season finales:

  • Season 1: It ends with them watching the CDC blow up and finding out there is no hope to be found in Atlanta.
  • Season 2: The farm is overrun, they have lost some members, and Andrea is thought dead (we wish, right?)
  • Season 3: Andrea dies (probably actually a positive), and after a failed attack on the prison, the Governor flees and remains at large.  The group won’t rest easy knowing he is still out there.
  • Season 4: This season ends with our heroes trapped in a train car by cannibals.

Now, all of that considered, the state of things at the end of Season 5 look pretty good.  Our heroes have found a home where they feel more or less safe, they all have jobs that they like, at the last moment it seems that Rick’s words ring true with the townspeople and Deanna so now they are not in danger of being thrown out anymore, and Morgan has finally reunited with Rick.

But what about the Wolves?  Well, in truth, we the viewers are the only ones who really know about the Wolves and their true motives.  Yes, Morgan has dealt with them once and both Aaron and Daryl have at least an idea that someone out there is setting traps, though I don’t think they know the people call themselves the wolves.

This is the first season finale that has left our heroes in an okay, if not good, place.  They have no pressing threat, at least that they are aware of yet.  It is a very different feeling than the end of the other finales.  I am used to replaying a character’s death after a season finale or going crazy when they end with a cliffhanger.  At least with this season the only real cliffhanger is what is Morgan going to say to Rick?

Was it the best season finale ever? In my opinion, it is tied with last season.  I liked the optimism and hope that we are left with in this season, but it is hard to beat the ending of season four, especially when it ends with Rick saying “they’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out… they’re fucking with the wrong people.” (yeah, in the DVD he says fucking, not screwing.  Darn you cable.  Give us a few uncut episodes like you did with Breaking Bad!)

So what did you think?  Did you hate the season finale? Love it? Are you scratching your head and saying “What is The Walking Dead?”  Talk to me!


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